FAQ - Adyen

A small overview of frequently asked questions in connection with the use and setup of Adyen:

Adyen Dashboard

Can I also use the Adyen Dashboard in German?

The Adyen Dashboard is currently only available in English. If you would still like a German translation, you can use the automatic translation function of your browser, e.g. Google Chrome. This is able to translate websites using the integrated Google Translate function. To do this, click on the Google Translate button on the right-hand side of the URL input line (website address) and then select German.


Where can I find the terminal passcodes?

Go to In-person payments → Terminals and select the desired terminal. In the individual selection, click on Passcodes and then on Decrypted to display the advanced settings.


Using the eye next to the codes, the individual codes can now be displayed and changed if necessary.


Please note that the stored passcodes are standard codes that should be changed to protect your terminal or terminals.

How can I set up my own logo in the terminal?

To change the terminal logo, navigate via the sidebar to In-person payments ➝ Terminal Settings and scroll to Logo.


Next, expand the area and you can add your own logo here.


How can I create additional users for the Adyen Dashboard?

Additional users can be created independently for the Adyen dashboard. Please note that you must have the "Merchant user management" role in the Adyen Dashboard for this.

Check role

You can check this as follows:

Click on your user name in the Adyen Dashboard under Settings ➝ "Users: adyen-faq-09

Under Roles you can search for Merchant user management to see at a glance whether you have the role: adyen-faq-10

Create user

You can create additional users as follows:

  1. Click on the blue Create new user button in the Adyen Dashboard under Settings ➝ "Users. adyen-faq-09
  2. First you must assign the username and enter the email address of the new user account. adyen-faq-11
  3. Then select which accounts the new user should have access to. adyen-faq-12
  4. Now assign the rights. The available rights can be expanded and selected accordingly using the arrow symbol. adyen-faq-13
  5. Then check all details once and complete the process with Create new user . adyen-faq-14
  6. The access data is automatically sent to the specified e-mail address (step 2).

If no e-mail arrives after a short wait, please check the spam folder (or junk) in the corresponding e-mail inbox.


Can I enter a tip at the machine if the tip request is not activated?

No, the tip must already be entered in the front office during the payment in the cash register so that the total amount is booked in Adyen.

Can I enter a tip on the device if the tip request is activated?

Yes, if the tip request is active, there will be a request on the Adyen terminal during the payment. The tip that is given is then transferred back to the cash register.

Tips that have already been entered in the cash register in the front office must still be confirmed by the guest on the Adyen terminal and can therefore be changed again at a later date. The updated amount is then transferred back to the cash register.

Can I change the default values of the tip query?

The default tip amounts are 7%, 9% and 15%. You can change these percentages at any time.

Define tip option

To edit the tipping function of your terminal, go to Point of SalesTerminals to the desired terminal (or under Terminal Settings for all terminals) and select Payment features in the menu, scroll a little to Tipping in the window.

There you can now switch to edit mode using the pen and set up the options. The settings can be set up individually for each terminal or centrally for all terminals.

Under Type of tipping you have the choice between Guest enters own amount or Predefined options for the guest.

If you want to use predefined values, you can choose between percentages or fixed values. You can set up to four different options:


How can I change my payment account with Adyen?

To change your payment account with Adyen, please proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to the Adyen Dashboard.
  2. Search for the bank account to be changed under Finance - Payout accounts and select Edit details using the three dots.
  3. You can now change the stored IBAN here.
  4. Upload a bank statement or screenshot of your online banking. Please note the requirements:
    • Copy or screenshot in color
    • Document must not be older than 12 months
    • Account holder must match the company name stored with Adyen
    • Document must contain the following information: Bank name and logo, account holder, IBAN
  5. Click Submit to request the change.
  6. Your request will now be forwarded to Adyen for approval. The change will be checked within 2 working days and confirmed by e-mail. If the change is rejected, Adyen will inform you of the reasons by e-mail. If this is the case, the change must be requested again.

Billing settings - How can I change my data?

Go to Settings ➝ Account Settings and scroll down to Contacts. There, under Financial contact, you can change and save the data using the three dots.


How can I change what is displayed to my customers when they are debited? (Shopper statement)

To customize the shopper statement, go to Settings ➝ Transaction Description in the sidebar and adjust the desired setting there.


Where can I find a summary of the sales, fees etc. from Adyen for the incoming payments on our account?

You can find a detailed overview of sales, fees and payouts in the Adyen dashboard under Finance ➝ Sales to payouts. Here you can filter by time period and display the details by clicking on the respective day:


You can find a short video on sales to payouts here.


When are the sales of a day paid out?

The default payout model is T+2. This means that all sales are paid out with a delay of 2 working days from Monday to Friday around midnight (00:00). All payments from Monday, for example, are paid out on Wednesday.

Overview of payout times

In this table you will find an overview of when which days are paid out:

Day on which the transaction took place Day of payout
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday (next week) Monday (next week)
Friday (next week) Tuesday (next week)
Saturday (next week) Tuesday (next week)
Sunday (next week) Tuesday (next week)

When you actually see the amount credited to your account depends on your bank. In principle, transfers should not take longer than 1 to max. 2 working days.

Overview of payouts by Adyen

You can see when the payouts were made by Adyen in the Adyen Dashboard:

Under Finance ➝ Sales to payout ➝ Payouts, you can select the relevant period in the top right-hand corner. Click on the bar for more details. Here you can see the status of the payout. If the sales of the respective day have already been paid out, the status changes to Paid out.

Connection problems

The connection to the checkout was interrupted during the payment process - what now?

If the connection to the checkout was interrupted but the payment has already been processed at the Adyen terminal and you are then asked whether the transaction should be retried or canceled, please always select the option Try again.

I am unsure whether a payment was completed at the terminal. How can I check this?

If you are ever unsure whether a payment has been successfully completed at the terminal or not, you can open the transaction menu and view the status of all transactions there.

Call up the transaction menu

How to access the transaction menu:

  • Models with buttons: 8 + green button + enter passcode
  • Models without buttons: Click on Transaction menu on the start screen - History + Enter passcode

What happens if communication between Adyen devices and gastronovi Office stops working?

If the communication between Adyen devices and gastronovi Office no longer works, we activate the "standalone" mode of the payment terminals, i.e. the terminals can still be used, but the payment amount must be entered manually. Amounts are therefore no longer automatically transferred from the cash register to the terminal and processes in gastronovi Office must be completed manually after payment. To be able to use Standalone mode on your terminal, you must carry out a configuration update.

Please proceed as follows:

Models V400M / V400C / e285 / P400

  1. 9 + to confirm
  2. Enter the passcode (FAQ - Adyen > Adyen Dashboard > Where can I find the terminal passcodes?
  3. ConfigurationUpdate

Models S1E / S1EL / S1E2L / S1F2

  1. Menu item Settings
  2. Enter passcode (FAQ - Adyen > Adyen Dashboard > Where can I find the terminal passcodes?
  3. ConfigurationUpdate

As soon as the fault has been rectified and communication between gastronovi and the payment terminal is working again, we will deactivate Standalone mode again. We will inform you about this on our status page. After the next configuration update (which takes place automatically approximately every three hours), the manual entry function on the payment terminal will be removed. It will then no longer be possible to enter amounts manually on the device. The amounts are automatically transferred from the cash register to the payment terminal again and the processes in gastronovi Office are automatically completed after successful payment.

How does the standalone mode or manual entry on the payment device work?

To use payment devices without a connection to the cash register in gastronovi Office, amounts must be entered manually on the device.

To do this, please proceed as follows:

Models V400M / V400C / e285 / P400

  1. Press the 9 + buttons to confirm.
  2. Tap on the blue Payment icon.
  3. Now enter the amount to be charged and click Continue.
  4. The guest can now select whether they would like to tip and show their card in the next step.
  5. The payment terminal will then show whether the payment was successful.

Models S1E / S1EL / S1E2L / S1F2

  1. On the home screen of the payment terminal, tap the blue Payment icon.
  2. Now enter the amount to be charged and click Continue.
  3. The guest can now select whether they would like to leave a tip and show their card in the next step.
  4. The payment terminal will then show whether the payment was successful.

Error codes

Overview of error codes

Here you will find an overview of possible error codes, the so-called raw acquirer responses. If there are problems with a payment, you can use the error codes to identify possible reasons.

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